Dahua PFM920I-6UN-C, Networking Cable


Dahua PFM920I-6UN-C, Networking Cable


Conductor Material: OFC (oxygen-free copper)Construction: 4P * 0.53 + – 0.01mm
Insulation Material: HDPEMin. average thickness: 0.21 mm

Diameter: 0.95mm0.05mm

Color (4 Pairs): Orange, white / orange; green, white / green;
blue, white / blue; brown, white / brown

Rip Kablosu Available
Jacket Material: PVC meets CPR E class requirementMin. average thickness: 0.40mm

Diameter: 6.0 ± 0.50mm

Surface: Smooth, full and tight

Color: Orange and white optional

General Length: 305mNW: 11.25 kg

Packing Dimensions: 412mmx412mmx215mm

Weight (Packaged): 12.75kg

Mechanical Properties
Insulation Strain Resistance: ≥16MPaBreak Extension: ≥300%

Peelability: Insulation or conductor does not damage

Jacket Strain Resistance: ≥13.5MPa Before aging: ≥12.5MPa
Extension time: ≥150%
After aging: ≥125% Aging Condition: 100 ℃ * 24h * 7dStripping Feature: Does not damage the insulation, cold bending (-20C * 4h), the outer diameter of the cable is 8 times without cracking.
Electrical Performance (20 ℃)
Characteristic Impedance (1-250MHz) 100 ± 15Ω
DC Resistor ? 9.38? / 100
Max. Imbalance Ratio of Line Couples’ Direct Current ≤5%
Time Delay ≤ 45 ns / 100
Max. Mutual Capacitance 5.6 nF / 100
Min. Insulation Resistance 5000 MΩ · km



Dahua PFM920I-6UN-C, Networking Cable

305m UTP CAT6

PoE long distance transmission available

99.9% OFC (oxygen-free copper) excellent OFC in purity

Environmentally friendly outer sheath complies with CPR E / UL CM class

Top quality guarantee for 10 years